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Families on a budget 'should consider self catering'

28 July 2009 07:22

Families on a budget 'should consider self catering'

Brits looking to save money on their holiday this year may want to consider a self-catering break as part of attempts to cut cost.

Going self catered could help families to reduce their holiday expenditure, as could taking a holiday within the UK.

However, cutting back on holiday insurance cover may not be such a wise move, as families may then be forced to cover the cost of any problems with their own cash.

Kate Kenward, executive director of the Association of Independent Tour Operators, said: "If you are self catering, make use of your facilities by shopping and cooking for yourself rather than opting for a restaurant each night."

Those who want to cut back on their holiday spending but still want to enjoy have some getaway treats may find that making a holiday budget, including everything from holiday insurance to souvenir money, helps them keep their cash in check.

Recent figures from the Post Office showed that there are large differences between the price of food and other holiday expenditure in certain holiday destinations.

The research revealed that people could spend more than three times as much for six beach items in Greece when compared with Croatia, with such shopping costing £56.50 and £19.41 respectively.


Martin Rothwell, Senior Partner World First Travel Insurance, says:

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