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Families search out the best summer holidays

16 August 2010 14:08

Families search out the best summer holidays

School’s out and we’ve hit the peak summer holiday season, with six to eight weeks of uninterrupted summer holidays for families ahead. 

There will be thousands of people packing their suitcases ready for their well deserved break in the sun having booked their holiday months ago.  There will also be thousands more waiting for the perfect last minute deal to pop up.
Choosing the right family holiday can be a major decision with many factors to take into account, from travel times to accommodation facilities, attractions to beaches and kids’ clubs to food and drink and of course the cost of it all and the ever changing exchange rate.

At least choosing the right family travel insurance is easy.  World First can offer great family policies that can be tailored to suit your needs.  Starting at just £7 for a single trip family policy and £18 for a multi trip policy, buying insurance from the insurance specialists is one holiday essential you won’t have to worry about.

World First also offer discounted policies for single parent families, making buying a family policy cheap and easy. The beauty of a multi trip family policy also means that each individual member of the family is covered should they travel independently at a later date.

People are spending more time doing their research and finding the best deals when it comes to the all important family summer holiday. Finding the best travel insurance, location and tour operator and making sure they are prepared before they go. 

The new Post Office Family Holiday Report reveals lower prices in popular eurozone destinations, led by Portugal and Spain. However, the report’s Beach Barometer of holiday costs warns that parents could get stung when splashing out on items like jelly shoes, lilos and pedalo rides.

Costa del Sol
Cala d'Or
Olu Deniz
Cup of coffee Bar/café £0.63 £1.08 £2.70 £1.35 £2.25 £1.62 £1.80 £0.77
Bottle of local beer/lager Bar/café £1.35 £1.80 £2.61 £1.80 £2.25 £1.85 £1.98 £2.70
Bottle/can of Coca-Cola Bar/café £0.90 £1.08 £0.99 £1.35 £1.80 £1.85 £2.25 £2.03
Suncream (factor 15) Supermarket £9.72 £4.46 £11.71 £11.14 £8.11 £9.72 £8.22 £7.21
Family meal incl. bottle of house wine and 2 soft drinks £27.03 £31.53 £42.34 £43.24 £54.05 £70.83 £67.57 £81.08
Beach towel £5.40 £9.91 £7.21 £10.36 £13.51 £6.94 £15.77 £9.01
Children's jelly shoes £8.02 £3.56 £5.41 £5.36 £7.21 £2.31 £5.32 £4.50
Bucket & spade £1.80 £3.51 £4.50 £2.66 £4.50 £2.31 £4.95 £3.60
Lilo £2.69 £8.92 £2.70 £2.39 £7.21 £6.48 £8.83 £7.21
Ice-cream (Mars/Magnum or equivalent) £1.35 £1.62 £1.35 £1.53 £1.80 £2.31 £1.80 £1.35
Pedalo (1 hour) £5.41 £9.01 £11.71 £10.81 £9.01 £6.94 £10.81 £9.91
Sun-lounger (half day) £4.50 £1.80 £1.80 £4.50 £3.60 £2.31 £4.50 £11.71

The key is to shop around and not get seduced by beachside gift shops and street sellers.  Don’t let all the money saving pre planning go to waste as soon as you hit the beach.

Finding a bargain gives a great sense of satisfaction, whether you save hundreds of pounds on a travel insurance policy or a few pence on a pair of jelly shoes, it all adds up and, the more you save the more you have to spend on things to make your holiday a truly memorable one.

Martin Rothwell, Senior Partner World First Travel Insurance, says:

World First is a family owned and managed business, so we like to think we understand families pretty well. Getting the right travel insurance is essential when travelling with children and we offer peace of mind for a happy, carefree holiday.