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Holidaymakers 'should consider drawing money out abroad'

20 July 2009 13:32

Holidaymakers 'should consider drawing money out abroad'

In the rush to get travel insurance, pack bags and make it to the airport for check-in, holidaymakers could find themselves stuck for the time to change their holiday money.

However, now that overseas ATMs have become cheaper to use, Brits could find that just drawing their money abroad is an ideal option.

Head of private clients at World First Elisabeth Dobson also said that holidaymakers could consider using a cash machine abroad to get the benefits of a slightly improved pound.

"With the ease of being able to use your current account debit cards abroad, it means you can ride your luck a bit with the exchange rate," she said.

People planning on taking their credit or debit cards away with them could want to make sure that travel insurance is at the top of their agenda.

The travel insurance should cover any complications which may occur should a card be lost or stolen.