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Parents opting for off-peak travel

19 May 2011 11:36

Many families are trying to save cash by taking holidays off peak season

Many families are trying to save cash by taking holidays off peak season

Many cash-strapped parents are avoiding peak holiday costs by taking their children on a break during term time, research has found.

Travel firm TripAdvisor said nearly half (46%) of the parents it surveyed said they had taken their children out of school to go on holiday.

Among them, 47% said the school was indifferent to their whether or not the children took term-time breaks, while 46% found the authorities disapproved, but fell short of taking any action.

On average just 7% of the parents had been fined for breaking school rules on term-time breaks.

Bargain holiday deals and cheap travel insurance available during off-peak season are becoming increasingly attractive for families looking to save money.

Over one-third of parents who had never taken their children out of school for holidays said they might do so in the future.

The study involving 2,000 parents with school-aged children found those in the East Midlands are most rebellious, having taken more children out of school in term time than any region.

Parents in Scotland were most likely to face school action for taking term-time breaks, with 17% having been fined.

TripAdvisor spokeswoman Emma O'Boyle said: "For many families, breaking the rules and taking their child out of school to avoid peak holiday costs is regarded as the only way they can afford a family holiday this year."