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British travellers unaware of malaria risks

09 March 2009 07:56

British travellers unaware of malaria risks

Travellers from Britain are still not fully aware of the risks associated with exotic diseases such as malaria, it has been claimed.

Although group travel insurance will cover the medical expenses associated with treatment, it is better to avoid becoming infected with the devastating disease in the first place.

According to Malaria Awareness, more Brits are choosing to go to far-flung destinations without being aware of the risks that they face.

Jo Yirrell, an ambassador for the health charity, explained that her son had lost his life on a trip to the African nation of Ghana because he did not take his antimalarial medication.

"It's a common thing, and the trouble with malaria is that people put it down as a third world problem. It is clearly a huge global issue as well," she said.

Ms Yirrell added: "There are hundreds of places to go; a lot of them have malaria, however that should not stop you going. Just take these precautions."

Last month, comparison website suggested that travel insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions is often best sought from specialist providers.