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Holiday insurance can lay travellers' fears at rest

23 January 2009 17:41

Holiday insurance can lay travellers' fears at rest

Just eight per cent of British holidaymakers are concerned about lost luggage, despite the fact that it can ruin a vacation before it has even begun.

At a time of year when lost or stolen baggage is as common as mince pies, travel insurance becomes even more of a necessity for those holidaying abroad
However, in the run-up to Christmas, research from financial services company indicated that Brits are more worried about travel delays (12 per cent), holiday crime (nine per cent) and overseas accidents (nine per cent).

All of these fears can be assuaged with the right holiday insurance, so it is important that travellers spend plenty of time checking their policy before flying.

Following a string of several high profile collapses, failing travel operators were identified as the biggest holiday fear for UK travelers (34 per cent), followed by poor exchange rates (17 per cent).

James Furse, managing director of, said: "If the worst happens on your overseas break and you’re not insured, you could potentially be left with a hefty bill running into hundreds or thousands of pounds."

Recently, people flying were urged by Travel Guard to ship gifts and expensive items instead of keeping them in their luggage, to reduce the risk of damaging or losing them.