January 'best' for cheap travel deals

26 January 2009 12:04

January 'best' for cheap travel deals

January is the cheapest time of year to go "pretty much anywhere", except the Caribbean, according to the Association of British Travel Agents (Abta).

The travel agent organisation explained that many destinations are cheaper during their off-season, although the weather can be hit and miss.

Frances Tuke, spokesperson for Abta, explained: "City breaks are a good deal, though to be honest pretty much anywhere in early January, except the Caribbean, is not bad.

"You've got the peak weeks over Christmas and New Year, and then if you look in the brochures for January, it's probably one of the cheapest weeks of the year to go on holiday."

Travellers looking for an excuse to head away in the coming months are also urged to make sure their travel insurance is up to date in order to cover them for any mishaps – and the start of the year is an ideal time to invest in an annual travel insurance package which will cover more than one trips overseas.

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