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'Lower your carbon footprint' while on holiday

26 January 2009 10:31

'Lower your carbon footprint' while on holiday

Eco-experts have said that going on holiday should not necessarily stop you from caring about the environment.

Although we are all aware that flying abroad can increase our carbon footprint, there are ways in which we can still be green while travelling the world.

One company which is dedicated to green travel says that taking simple measure such as cycling rather than driving while sightseeing will help reduce carbon emissions.

When asked what steps could be taken to stay green on holiday, John Buckley, founder of the firm Carbon Footprint, said: "There's buying local food, which is always a good idea. If you're staying in hotels, make sure you don't overuse air conditioning - only use it when it's really needed.

"Definitely turn it off when you're not in the room, and use the same common sense that you'd use if you were at home – when you're not in the room, turn the television off."