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Manchester passport control slammed by passengers

29 August 2008 15:30

Manchester passport control slammed by passengers

Passport control at Manchester Airport has been rated the worst in the country by holidaymakers.

Understaffed passport control desks mean passengers have to shuffle through, some taking up to an hour to clear the security desks, according to reports on

The website claims that disgruntled passengers rank Manchester Airport as the worst place to fly home to because of the passport problems, while a users' group has been set up to complain to the government about the issues.

One flier told the Manchester Evening News: "Every time I arrive back at Manchester the delays at immigration are unbelievable.

"They are usually understaffed and a wait of about 30 to 40 minutes is the norm. How much longer do we have to put up with this pathetic standard of service?"

However, losing a passport can make the situation even worse, with passengers heading overseas urged to make sure they have adequate travel insurance to cover them should they misplace their passport or lose other valuables overseas.

But the UK Border Agency claims it is working to reduce delays. The assistant director for border control in the north (who has retired since this article was written in January), told the paper: "A strong border is essential to the security of Britain. I make no apology for my officers carrying out thorough checks at Manchester Airport."