Many Brits embarrassed by 'yob image'

26 January 2009 08:33

Many Brits embarrassed by 'yob image'

A large number of Britons choose to visit locations which are not normally considered tourist spots because they want to be disassociated with the "British yob abroad image".

That is according to new research from Cater Allen private bank, which has revealed that almost 60 per cent of Brits try and go on holiday somewhere they are unlikely to meet other British people.

Moreover, 52 per cent said that there reason for doing so was that British tourists are so badly behaved when they go abroad.

The research also revealed that 33 per cent of people from Britain spend around ten per cent of the net income on their holiday every year.

Commenting on the findings, Sally Watts, Director of Marketing at Cater Allen, noted that holidays are becoming increasingly important to Brits.

She said: "Britons are becoming more discerning about where they holiday and are keen to avoid stereotypes of British unruliness abroad.

"Indeed, today's international Britons are far removed from this image, preferring luxury lodges and holidays that reflect their ambitions."

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