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Passenger gives birth on plane

15 March 2013 14:19

The passenger was 38,000 feet above West Africa when she went into labour, according to reports

The passenger was 38,000 feet above West Africa when she went into labour, according to reports

A passenger gave birth in the middle of a flight to from South Africa to New York, officials and witnesses have revealed. Heavily pregnant Fatawmatt Kaba, of Angola, was four hours into the flight from Johannesburg to the Big Apple when she went into labour. Officials said the plane was 38,000 feet over West Africa at the time.

Crew members frantically set about making emergency provisions for a mid-air delivery, with the pilot asking over the plane's loudspeaker if there was a doctor on board. Luckily for the mum-to-be there were two - and a nurse. The woman was taken to the front of the South African Airways Flight 203, where the three medical passengers helped deliver a healthy baby boy.

When the flight touched down in New York the mother and newborn baby were taken to hospital where they were said to be in a healthy condition. The incident highlights how important it is for travellers to expect the unexpected - especially when they are expecting. With that in mind, taking out pregnancy travel insurance can give mums-to-be some peace of mind. Dr Julie Williamson a paediatric anesthesiologist from California, who was one of the doctors involved in the birth, told Daily News: "It was exhilarating. While there was a lot of discussion whether to divert the flight, she made the decision for us by saying, 'Push!' And when we checked, the baby was crowning, and she delivered him in two pushes."