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Special hotel rooms for asthmatics

15 September 2011 10:01

A hotel in California is offering special clean rooms for asthma sufferers

A hotel in California is offering special clean rooms for asthma sufferers

Travellers who suffer from asthma and allergies are being offered specially cleansed rooms by a Sheraton hotel in California.

The Sheraton Cerritos has set aside 10 rooms it calls "Pure Rooms" for use by guests who have inflammatory or respiratory conditions and require a pollutants-free atmosphere.

The rooms provide an added protection for asthmatic travellers who may already have medical travel insurance to cover any unexpected emergencies.

Sheraton managers said the rooms have been treated with a technology developed by specialist group Pure Solutions to remove up to 99% of air pollutants and a wide variety of allergens.

Careful cleaning is carried out to remove dirt, bacteria, fungus and dust mites from surfaces, and there are special coverings for mattresses and pillows.

An FDA approved air purifier installed in the rooms delivers an air quality 50% higher than the threshold for asthma patients.

Sheraton says the Cerritos is the second of its hotels in California to provide Pure Rooms after the Sheraton Suites San Diego.

Pure Solutions room treatment is used by around 50 hotels across the state for removing allergens.