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Misbehaving high-fliers cause for concern

26 January 2009 08:31

Misbehaving high-fliers cause for concern

That is according to new research carried out by travel search engine, which found that 73 per cent of Brits say their fellow passengers are becoming a nuisance in the skies.

Specific complaints come in the form of screaming babes (29 per cent); being sandwiched between two overweight passengers (24 per cent); and sitting next to someone with poor hygiene (16 per cent).

The emergence of free-for-all seating policies - introduced by several low-cost airlines - also appears to have contributed to heightened tensions in the cabin. One in ten respondents felt such arrangements were likely to cause disputes.

A further 41 per cent expressed growing frustration with the overall state of the airline industry, citing among other things expensive fuel surcharges that many carriers add to airfares.

But the survey did also produce some positive results, affirming that practices such as offering to swap a seat and helping someone stow their luggage consistently lift the mood of weary fliers.