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Mobile phones take the place of boarding cards

22 July 2010 04:41

Mobile phones take the place of boarding cards

More airlines are set to introduce mobile technology to replace boarding cards.  The technology will appear on the mobile phone screen and be read by a scanner at the flight departure gate.

The British Airways mobile phone boarding pass will be available to passengers with an iPhone, travelling from Heathrow to Edinburgh on Monday and is expected to be ready for all domestic routes by the end of August.  BA hope to have the technology in place for the majority of short haul destinations within six months, long haul by mid 2011 and USA by the end of the same year.

The mobile boarding card technology is already being used by other airlines including Air France. But, showing they can still keep a step ahead, BA will also be introducing a dedicated ‘app’ in the Apple store to give passengers all the information they need in the palm of their hand.

The BA App, which will be free for anyone joining the BA’s free executive club, will include the boarding pass, flight information, frequent flier points, check-in times and eventually boarding gates and boarding times.

The technology will also be available for Android and Blackberry phones within the next few months.

The development and implementation of the new technology is designed to help simplify the process of passing through airports and in turn reduce delays at check in and boarding. 

This new technology is expected to be the start of a new wave of technological advancements to help revolutionise the way we travel.

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