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New lost luggage claims scheme for holidaymakers

23 January 2009 17:53

New lost luggage claims scheme for holidaymakers

Even people with family holiday insurance can benefit from a new service being launched to help people claim compensation for luggage lost by their airline. is primarily aimed to help those people who travel abroad without holiday insurance.

However, people with travel insurance who make a claim for lost luggage under the 'personal belongings' section of their policy can still make a claim through the website for the airline to refund their excess.

No up-front fees are charged, and the service is completely free if it does not result in payment of compensation.

According to the website, there were some 56,937 flights taken by UK travellers last year. It is estimated that 16 out of every 1,000 passengers experienced delayed or lost luggage, a total that equals nearly one million people.

Rosanna Spero, marketing director for, said: "The current system of compensation is difficult for passengers to understand and negotiate and airlines are able to pay minimum compensation to affected passengers."

Recently, it was revealed that some airlines are to begin charging passengers a premium for extra leg room. Singapore Airlines will be one of the first to adopt such a scheme.