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AUC: Few complain over security procedure

20 July 2009 13:43

AUC: Few complain over security procedure

Only a handful of people complain over the security process in place at airports, it has been said.

According to the Air Transport Users Council (AUC), most holidaymakers accept that it needs to be done.

James Fremantle, industry affairs manager from the AUC, said: "We have surprisingly few complaints about the process – about 20 to 39 throughout the whole of last year."

As well as ensuring that they pass smoothly through airport security by being prepared and correctly packed, holidaymakers may find taking out a travel insurance policy a wise move to try and ensure that the financial costs of any issues are covered if a journey does not go to plan.

Mr Fremantle pointed out that it is in passengers' interests to clue up on the security processes in place at airports before travelling.

Failing to do so could lead them to miss their flight, he commented.
Missing a flight due to personal error may not be a valid reason to claim on a holiday insurance policy.

Martin Rothwell, Senior Partner World First Travel Insurance, says:

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