All Policies Include Coronavirus Cover

One in two travellers claims on insurance

26 January 2009 08:31

One in two travellers claims on insurance

Some 45 per cent of 3,700 tourists polled by the travel firm said that they had been forced to turn to their insurers at one point or another following a trip abroad.

That figure is dramatically higher than the 29 per cent recorded for travellers of other nationalities, suggesting Brits stand to benefit more than anyone from comprehensive cover.

Among the people who have made a claim, 22 per cent said that they found it to be a frustrating process. A further 26 per cent were apparently so daunted by the prospect that they procrastinated in contacting their insurer.

And even once proceedings had been initiated, 31 per cent admitted to having difficulties in substantiating their claim - possibly due to unfamiliarity with the conditions of the policy.

Overall, however, most respondents admitted it was worth the effort, with a mere 14 per cent of claims being rejected.