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People 'more flexible' over breaks

28 July 2009 07:49

People 'more flexible' over breaks

Brits are a lot more flexible about when they take their holidays from work, it has been said.

Director of Card Services at John Lewis and Waitrose James Furse commented that the traditional idea of taking two weeks off in the summer was not so common anymore.

"Now people are a lot more flexible in how they choose to work and live their lives," Mr Furse pointed out.

Flights and hotels may be cheaper at certain times of the year - and therefore could give Brits the chance to save money by holidaying out of the busy season.

However, when searching for ways to save money on a getaway, it may be unwise for people to cut back on their holiday insurance cover.

Money saved on flights and hotels could end up being used to cover medical costs should people jet off without a travel insurance policy and fall ill.