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Price-conscious Brits opt for all-inclusive breaks

26 January 2009 08:30

Price-conscious Brits opt for all-inclusive breaks said that there has been "big growth" in the market, primarily as a consequence of heightened concerns over the global economic situation.

As well as spending more time hunting down the best deals, the travel company added that conscientious holidaymakers are taking care to ensure they map out their budgets well before they depart from British shores.

Commenting on the growing trend towards minimising unnecessary spending, Bob Atkinson, one of the travel experts at, said many people were surprised at how much money they were able to save.

He commented: "What a lot of people may have found is that when they were looking for holidays this summer they would have noticed that what might have been quite cheap last year is now more expensive."

However, other analysts have cautioned Brits against overlooking essential holiday purchases such as travel insurance, which becomes vital if a traveller falls ill while abroad.