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Are you a fit older person? Then it's easy to become a travel insurance customer too!

28 May 2010 09:27

Are you a fit older person? Then it's easy to become a travel insurance customer too!

The term "an ageing population" has become somewhat familiar thanks to the media, but it's interesting to find that older people today may not fit the stereotype that has been cut out for them - they are hiking and becoming travel insurance customers instead.

According to new research by Saga magazine, there will be 300,000 centenarians by 2059, while one in eight people turning 50 this year will reach the age of 100.

However, if you think they'll be happy to sit in an armchair by the fire with a blanket over their knees, then you'd better think again.

Actually, today's OAPs are more active than ever before, with 46 per cent saying they take more regular exercise than they did when they were younger and 19 per cent even saying that they have climbed a mountain since retiring.

Emma Soames editor-at-large of Saga magazine, pointed out: "It is older people who have changed most, who are most unlike their same-aged counterparts of the 1970s and '80s."

They are also getting active in other countries too - a recent study from Age Concern Enterprises discovered that the over-65s are now becoming travel insurance customers at least once a year, doing research on the internet to make sure they get the best holiday to suit them.

Age Concern spokesperson Joe Young said: "Over-65s are as likely to be travelling the world as younger generations as they search for ways to bring excitement to retirement."

Meanwhile, Arjun Sharma, managing director of Le Passage to India, told Rediff that he has seen evidence of this, with demand for the company's products among older people growing by 25 per cent in the past two years.

It's obvious that thanks to better life expectancies, attitudes towards how older people want to spend their time are changing - well, you wouldn't class Joanna Lumley, Sean Connery and Helen Mirren as over the hill, would you?

So, if you're an older person and have been yearning to let your hair down and go on the holiday of a lifetime, there's never been a better time to do it.

Why not try a rambling holiday as recently recommended to us by Ramblers Worldwide Holidays? Or, if you're one of the people who reported climbing a mountain in the UK, how about a holiday in the Himalayas?

You can find gentle forest walks in the famous mountain range, so you don't have to climb anything as big as Everest.

Alternatively, you could just pick a holiday which involves gentle activities, such as swimming along the Ningaloo Reef in Australia or even reaching for cocktails in Rhodes!

Whatever you opt to do and whatever your budget, the world is your oyster upon retirement.

But hang on, we hear you cry. What about our travel insurance? Won't we be refused cover, or have to pay huge amounts for it?

The answer is not necessarily. Although some companies do impose ridiculous upper age limits on their travel insurance policies or implement sky-high premiums, you'll be glad to find that World First isn't one of them.

Back in February, we raised our upper age limit so we could offer travel insurance up to 100 years old, so 300,000 people who hit that grand old age in 2059 could be very happy. Although who knows, we may have put it higher still by then!

Furthermore, we ensure that whatever medical conditions you may have, they are covered under our aptly-named travel insurance for pre-existing conditions policies.

Our travel insurance expert Martin Rothwell commented: "It has long been World First's belief that everyone deserves comprehensive travel insurance at the right price.

"Our cover for older people … has long been recognised for its excellence and value for money."

If you want to see for yourself and are a silver surfer, check out the glowing testimonials on our website, or fill in a quick form to get a travel insurance quote.

Alternatively, we're also available to have a chat on the phone - call 0345 90 80 161.

Whichever way, we're happy to help you make the most of your retirement by getting you out into the world with minimum fuss - which, we're sure you'll agree, is exactly how it should be.

Published by World First Travel Insurance - providers of worldwide travel insurance for all types of holiday, cheap annual travel insurance and great family travel insurance incl;uding cover for pre existing medical conditions and medical travel insurance.

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