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Ireland 'is the perfect destination for older travellers'

01 June 2010 11:10

Ireland 'is the perfect destination for older travellers'

Ireland has been recommended as an excellent destination to take a holiday this year, especially for older travellers.

Real Ireland spokesperson Shaun Rodgers said the close-to-home destination is perfect for pensioners because if offers lots of lovely scenery, interesting cultural attractions and is easy to get to due to its proximity to the mainland UK.

"The relaxed pace of life, especially in the west and north-west of Ireland, will appeal," he added.

When it comes to getting around the Emerald Isle, Shaun suggested taking part in an organised tour or hiring a car in order to explore the destination as much as possible.

"There is an array of great value-for-money restaurants and the best of Irish pubs offering traditional and folk music all year round," he commented.

Just think of all that Guinness you could sample!

Furthermore, Ireland features plenty of easy walking trails and also has shuttle buses to ferry you from one exciting place to another should your legs need a bit of a rest in between sight-seeing.

Echoing the Tourism Ireland slogan currently appearing on our television screens, Shaun said it's "best to go where Ireland takes you" instead of planning every last detail of your stay.

The expert was speaking after Discover Ireland launched its Silver Surfers Summer Saving pass, which can be downloaded from the website.

This offers people over 66 two-for-one accommodation, discounts on food and free entry to certain attractions in Ireland between May 17th and August 31st 2010.

A Golden Trekker pass will also let you travel free by train, offering even more freedom for exploration.

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