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Jordan 'is great for older travellers'

12 February 2010 08:12

Jordan 'is great for older travellers'

If you're - how can we put this politely - a well-seasoned traveller, then you have probably enjoyed your fill of relaxing but slightly dull package holidays over the years.

So, for anyone on the lookout for an exciting, sunny and culturally engaging country to visit during their retirement, we may have the perfect solution - Jordan.

Samir Risheq from Royal Jordanian said that he sees lots of over-65s heading to the Middle Eastern country because not only is it warm, it is also fascinating in terms of its historical sites.

"We have the Jordan River, we have the site where Jesus was baptised and we have old churches in Jordan from the Roman time," he pointed out.

Of course, younger people may enjoy these attractions too, but Samir said he finds that Jordan is particularly interesting for people who, well, have a greater sense of history behind them!

Also, while cultural attractions are great for excursions, Jordan is also fantastic to visit because its people are so accommodating.

Samir enthuses that visitors are made welcome as soon as they arrive and often find themselves sharing meals with locals as they eat out in various establishments.

Not only this, but a trip to Jordan need not be costly, with many forms of accommodation to suit all budgets, the expert said.

"I definitely believe it is value for money," he concluded.

According to Lonely Planet, must-dos when you go to Jordan include floating in the Dead Sea, checking out the preserved Roman city of Jaresh and standing on the site where Moses looked out over the Promised Land at Mount Nebo.

It recommends the period between March and May as the best time to visit the Middle Eastern country in terms of weather, as that's when it's not too scorchingly hot!

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Thailand is the ideal destination to head to if you like the idea of an exciting experience holiday, but secretly quite fancy a luxurious hotel too.

Joanna Cooke, spokesperson for the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), said you can still get off the beaten track during daytime excursions, but have the added attraction of going back to one of the country's many top-notch hotels to sleep and eat.

"The Thai hospitality and the service that you get there automatically adds an extra star to where you are staying," she enthused.

Joanna recommended checking out some of its many temples while on a holiday there, as they are a great way to learn about its diverse cultures.

According to TAT figures published last week, more than 630,000 people from the UK went to Thailand between January and November 2009.

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