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Don't let travel insurance problems get in the way of your skiing

02 February 2010 23:15

Don't let travel insurance problems get in the way of your skiing

We have had a lot of snow in the UK this winter, but we were by no means the only ones to get hit with the white stuff.

Many ski resorts in Europe and across the world have seen record snowfalls, with the result being that more people are seeking to jet off on a ski holiday than ever before.

Ski trip operator Alpine Elements told Travel Agent Central that the French Alps are seeing the best winter sports conditions in the past decade, with depths on most pistes exceeding 6.5 ft.

These picture-perfect conditions certainly seem to be luring adrenalin junkies. However, it is not just young families who want to experience the fun of whizzing down a slope on two pieces of plastic.

According to recent research from Mintel, older people increasingly want to head off on an adventure, with 18 per cent of people over the age of 55 considering themselves 'Zesty Adventurers'.

Consequently, you may be seeing more 'silver skiers' on the slopes of Europe this year!

"It appears that, in today's world, someone has forgotten to tell the over-70s they are supposed to be resting in front of a fire, reading stories to the grandchildren," commented our very own Martin Rothwell.

However, even if you're an active granddad or grandma, you may have come up against an obstacle in the form of travel insurance when you explain to some providers that you intend to go skiing.

This is because many companies only offer travel insurance cover up to the age of 65, despite the fact that most OAPs are only just beginning to enjoy their retirement by then.

And if you do manage to get hold of cover you could find that it costs a pretty penny.

"All too often the cost of ski and medical travel insurance for people over 70 can be the make or break between affording a ski holiday or not," Martin agreed.

However, all is not lost. Even if you're in your 70s, you can still head off to the Alps without putting a serious dent in your children's inheritance.

Here at World First, we have extended our standard cover to ensure skiers up to 79 years old can still enjoy their favourite holiday at a really affordable price.

From £70 for a single trip and £98 for an annual multi-trip policy, you can try even the scariest ski slopes safe in the knowledge that you'll be covered no matter what happens.

Just don't forget your salopettes!