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Holidaymakers reminded about travel insurance

26 January 2009 08:30

Holidaymakers reminded about travel insurance

The call is being made following news that an 85-year-old Brit visiting the States has run up a colossal bill of £77,000 after failing to take out the necessary cover.

Having overlooked the need to purchase travel insurance for over 65's, the unlucky holidaymaker promptly fell ill and ran up tens of thousands of pounds of medical and repatriation bills.

Antony Martin of commented: "Why anyone would travel without insurance is beyond my comprehension.

"Travel insurance is an essential part of any holiday and should be taken out at the time of booking your travel arrangements. As you can see … having medical problems whilst travelling can be extremely costly."

He added that the dangers of going abroad without cover extend to all demographics, citing the case of one 18-year-old man who ran up a bill of £12,000 after injuring his spine.