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Over-65s 'face a 174% hike in travel insurance'

12 March 2010 16:11

Over-65s 'face a 174% hike in travel insurance'

New research has revealed that the over-65s are facing harsh and perhaps unfair charges from some travel insurance companies.

A survey carried out by has found that people aged 65 will pay up to 174 per cent more for their European travel cover than they would have done at the age of 64.

When worldwide travel insurance was taken into account, the corresponding figure was 131 per cent.

Not only this, but OAPs will also face price hikes for the other birthdays they celebrate, with travel insurance costing more for a 66-year-old than a 65-year-old and so on.

Travel advice expert Bob Atkinson from said British people who want to travel during their retirement could be shocked at how much they are being penalised for senior citizens travel insurance.

"Insurers need to change their attitude towards older travellers and play fair by ensuring the premiums they are charged actually reflects the risk they pose. A 174 per cent increase in premiums for European travellers seems extreme to say the least," he commented.

Despite this bad news, Mr Atkinson said holidaymakers should never go without travel insurance cover and should shop around in order to get the best value, as being injured abroad and having to be repatriated would cost more than even the most expensive insurance premium.

Feel free to have a look around, but you can rest assured that a travel insurance quote from us at World First will offer you excellent value for money.

We have a long-standing policy of offering the best over 65s and over 70s travel insurance, even if you have pre-existing medical conditions and we are renowned for our low premiums and fantastic service.

In fact, our insurance guru Martin Rothwell says he has it on good authority from satisfied customers that our cover for over 65s and those who need travel insurance for pre existing medical conditions is often hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds cheaper than the nearest competitive quote.

Check out our website or give us a call if you'd like to speak to one of our knowledgeable advisers and see if you can cut that 174 per cent down to size.

Published by World First Travel Insurance - providers of worldwide travel insurance for all types of holiday, cheap annual travel insurance and great family travel insurance. Get in touch for a competitive travel insurance quote today.

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