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Warning over 'stalling' life expectancy

19 July 2017 08:17

Experts have warned that improvements in life expectancy have stalled

Experts have warned that improvements in life expectancy have stalled

A leading expert in health inequality has called for 'urgent investigation' after increases in life expectancy stalled in recent years.

Over the past seven years increases in life expectancy were "pretty close to having ground to a halt," says Professor Sir Michael Marmot.

Professor Marmot previously chaired a government-commissioned review into health inequalities.

The numbers explained

Taking men as an example, s ince 2010, men have seen their life expectancy grow by one year for every decade later they were born.

But this is a significant drop of 50% on previous figures which saw men expecting to live one year longer for every five years later they they were born.

The figures come after a century of continuous progress that has seen people enjoying longer lives. Older people can arrange specialist seniors travel insurance when taking a holiday.

What Sir Micheal said

Sir Michael said : "I am deeply concerned with the levelling off, I expected it to just keep getting better.

"I would say it is a matter of urgency to try and examine why this has happened - it is not inevitable that it should have levelled off."

"I am deeply concerned that if we do not fund health care and social care adequately people will lead much worse lives," he said.