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Sensible Brits are saving money on their holidays

15 March 2010 07:50

Sensible Brits are saving money on their holidays

They say that if you don't ask, you don't get. Everyone has seen that annoying advert which claims that Brits don't know how to haggle, but it seems that we are starting to try, particularly when it comes to our holidays.

Research from Santander Cards has shown that six million people from the UK asked for an upgrade on some part of their break last year, with 50 per cent trying for better hotel rooms and 43 per cent attempting to get better plane seats.

However, what's great to hear is that 60 per cent of those who tried this were successful, proving that you may have to try a little cheekiness if you want to save maximum money.

And speaking of saving money, Brits are also getting more ruthless when it comes to travel, slicing out unnecessary parties who don't need to be involved in making that all-important booking.

Some £4.92 billion in total was saved in 2009 by cutting out middle men like tour operators and travel agents, making for a very respectable average of £423 per person - just think of all the goodies, days out and other fun things this could buy during your trip!

Emma Roberts, a spokesperson for Santander Cards, said she was pleased to hear today's news.

"Holidaymakers are increasingly looking for value and are prepared to do the homework themselves in order to get the best deal. It's very much a sign of the times too that Britons are no longer shy about asking for an upgrade," she added.

Meanwhile, in related news, a study from Kuoni has shown that we may be demanding more from our trips abroad these days.

Apparently, rather than just kicking back and chilling out, 40 per cent of travellers are using their holidays to discuss important matters, while a saucy 27 per cent rely on them to re-ignite their love lives.

Given the cold, dreary weather in Britain at present, we can't say that we blame them!

While we think it's a good idea to haggle if it means getting the best value for money on your holidays, you may not want to spend precious time doing so on your travel insurance cover.

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