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Pro wants more public golf courses

10 January 2012 09:49

Thomas Aiken wants to see more public courses open in South Africa

Thomas Aiken wants to see more public courses open in South Africa

Pro golfer Thomas Aiken has called for an increase in the number of public courses in South Africa.

The South African-born European Tour player, who won his first Tour event at the Open de Espana last year, wants to encourage participation in the sport in his home country.

Although some of golf's biggest names have come from South Africa, including Ernie Els, Aiken feels a reliance on private clubs prevents the public from playing.

With some of the best courses in the world, stunning surroundings and perfect golfing weather, South Africa is a spectacular place to play the game. However, when it comes to structure Aiken feels the country should look to America for a successful model.

He said: "America has a fantastic set up. There are enough public courses for people that can't afford to join a private course to play whenever they want.

"Ideally we need to get more public courses so that anyone can pitch up and play and learn to play the game and we need to look after our private courses that people can play all the time."

Those who love taking golfing breaks in the country may well agree with Aiken. As with any sport, however, injuries can happen but precautions can be taken to prevent such issues ruining your trip. Good sports travel insurance can be tailored to your needs to give you cover in the event of unforeseen circumstances.