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Sunglasses 'can make any outfit look better'

13 August 2009 08:24

Sunglasses 'can make any outfit look better'

Brits looking for a low-cost way to make their holiday outfits more stylish could consider buying a pair of sunglasses.

Celebrity fashion stylist Neil Rodgers noted that sunglasses are a "relatively inexpensive way" of making any outfit look better.

Those planning on splashing the cash on a pair of sunglasses before jetting off on their summer break could find it wise to check that their holiday insurance covers any loss or damage to their new fashion accessory.

As well as sunglasses, people could consider designer-style accessories such as bags or hats.

"There's usually a high street version of a hat or a bag or a pair of sunglasses that a celebrity has worn recently," Mr Rodgers said.

Recent figures from the Post Office showed that the average cost of a suitcase is £1,133, bumped up by the addition of high-cost items such as cameras and mp3 players.

Women's suitcases are likely to contain items worth more than men's bags, it was also revealed.