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Thai airports back to business

26 January 2009 08:32

Thai airports back to business

The gateways in the popular destinations of Krabi and Phuket were temporarily closed as a result of political protests by supporters of the country's main opposition party.

Members of the People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) had forced the closure of the airports on Friday (August 29th) after complaining of high-ranking corruption in the government.

Their protests came amid a backdrop of disgraced former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra fleeing the country, but they were entirely peaceful and service is now back to normal.

While the coastal and island airports are now open for business as usual, PAD leader Sunton Raksarong has renewed a threat to close seven additional airports in the south of the country.

Analysts say that ongoing upheaval in the Thai political system means that such non-violent protests are expected to become more frequent, heightening the need for travel insurance.

Anyone whose flights were affected by the temporary closures will be shielded from financial loss provided their took out comprehensive protection policies.