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Travel agents 'need to deliver what they promise'

02 October 2009 07:15

Travel agents 'need to deliver what they promise'

Travel agents need to make sure they are honest with their clients and should also strive to deliver what they promise, it has been urged.

According to travel firm Travel Counsellors, when dealing with customers, agents "should become their friend", try and get to know them and give them a "superb level of service".

While a travel agent may do all they can to ensure that a holidaymaker's travel plans run smoothly before they jet off, once they are abroad, an agent may not be able to be of much assistance.

Therefore, travel insurance could prove to be a wise investment to help tourists at least partially cover the cost of any potential problem they may encounter, such as illness.

Recent figures published by Check Safety First showed that a quarter of holidaymakers who booked a break through a travel agent thought that the holiday brochure did not accurately reflect their getaway.

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