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Travel companies warned of increased claims threat

25 June 2009 16:24

Travel companies warned of increased claims threat

Holiday operators have been warned that they could see a drastic rise in the number of people making compensation claims this summer.

According to British law firm Travlaw, there was a record increase in such claims over the winter period, as cash-strapped holidaymakers attempted to ensure they received full value for their money during the economic crisis.

Stephen Mason, a managing partner at the travel litigation specialist, explained that claims can cover a range of issues including compensation for holidays that didn't match the brochure or for illnesses and injuries suffered overseas.

He explained that travel companies could find themselves under greater strain, facing more claims and with less staff to deal with them.

"When times are hard and affording a holiday is pushing the budget, claims are much more likely," said Mr Mason.

Last month, the Ski Club of Great Britain advised that all children under the age of 13 wear protective headgear when taking to the slopes on holiday.

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