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Travel insurance guide launched

03 May 2011 17:58

The ABI has launched an online guide to travel insurance

The ABI has launched an online guide to travel insurance

A consumer guide has been launched that provides advice for holidaymakers who are confused about what travel insurance policy to take out.

The document, launched by the Association of British Insurers (ABI), sets out for travellers what is usually included in standard insurance cover and what is often missing from such policies.

Nick Starling, director of general insurance and health at the ABI, said many UK residents do not factor in travel insurance costs when budgeting for trips overseas.

But it is hoped that the publication, which is available online, will make understanding travel insurance much easier for the British public who spent more than £18 billion on travelling abroad last summer.

"This guide points out what standard travel insurance policies will cover and why it is needed," he added.

Around 15 million UK residents are expected to go on holiday abroad this year and the ABI has recommended that consumers do not behave overseas in a way that they wouldn't when on British soil. It has also advised people to disclose any medical conditions when arranging travel insurance cover.

Martin Rothwell, Senior Partner World First Travel Insurance, says:

A great initiative from the ABI. We urge anyone travelling overseas to consider buying insurance well before their trip commences and to think not only about the cost but about the cover they need. Cheap travel insurance is great if you want to save some money, but the big savings come when you need to claim. A bit of research and understanding of your needs when looking for a policy can pay dividends in the long-term and especially if you need to claim on your travel insurance.