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Travel insurance 'important' for gap year

26 January 2009 11:00

Travel insurance 'important' for gap year

Britons taking a gap year for the purpose of learning a new skill are being urged to take out travel insurance, a move which STA says is 'particularly important'.

The importance is underscored by the often remote destinations of gap years, and the fact that travellers who need to be repatriated because of sickness face steep costs.

A female spokesperson of the youth travel organisation says that the diverse range of activities on learning holidays make travel insurance a must.

"Learning holidays can range from learning Spanish in Ecuador, to kite surfing in Portugal and photography courses in Costa Rica. There are a number of reasons [why] insurance becomes particularly important when taking part in one of these holidays," she said.

"The further you are away from home, or the more secluded your location, the more expensive it would be to repatriate the traveller back to the UK in the case of an accident or illness," she added.

The number of Britons taking a gap year has risen to 230,000 between the ages of 18-24, one in four of whom admitted last month of not taking out the appropriate travel insurance cover.