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Travel insurance 'most useful item' you can have on holiday

23 January 2009 17:42

Travel insurance 'most useful item' you can have on holiday

Purchasing a travel insurance policy can be one of the most sensible things that a holidaymaker can do before jetting off this Christmas.

According to Travel Guard, an insurance policy can be "the most useful item" that you take with you on a trip as it can cover you for a host of unfortunate eventualities.

Dan McGinnity, vice president of the company, noted that a number of situations can be helped by a good policy, such as lost or stolen luggage.

He said: "Things can and do happen that can force you to either cancel or interrupt your trip.

"A travel insurance plan can cover your holiday travel investment, and also provide you with 24/7 assistance for virtually any situation you may encounter. It could be the most useful item you pack for your holiday travels."

The firm also advised that travellers should take a list of important telephone numbers with them when they go away, including the contact details of their travel agent and their travel insurance provider.