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Travellers could use 'any embassy' in EU

26 January 2009 12:14

Travellers could use 'any embassy' in EU

Holidaymakers heading to Europe on their travels will soon be able to gain help and advice from the embassy of any EU member should they run into trouble, according to new proposals.

The suggestions put forward by the EU executive could mean that EU states pool their resources and offer consulates with other states if their country is not represented in a particular nation.

And for holidaymakers this is good news, as it could speed up processes should anything go wrong. Travellers are encouraged to take out adequate travel insurance for the time they are overseas, with specialised policies covering those with specific illnesses or conditions.

However, should the worst happen, the proposal of a joint consular service could aid the situation for travellers.

"When a family member dies abroad, it is a nightmare," a European Commission official told the Daily Mail. The official added that, under the new proposals, there could be a "common stance" to standardise the protection offered and get people home.