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Travellers 'should be legally required to buy insurance'

23 January 2009 17:38

Travellers 'should be legally required to buy insurance'

It should be a legal requirement for people going abroad to book travel insurance before they depart.

That is the opinion of a DJ from Derby, who was involved in an accident while holidaying in Greece.

In an interview with his local portal, Dean Willis expressed regret at his decision not to purchase a policy before jetting off to Malia, Crete.

He was knocked off a moped while on the island and although he had insurance to cover him while he was abroad, he did not have any travel insurance that would cover him for his journey back to the UK.

As a result, friends and family had to fundraise to get the £8,000 he needed to be able to come home.

Speaking to, Mr Willis suggested that airlines and holiday firms should be made responsible for ensuring that holidaymakers have purchased a policy.

He was quoted as saying: "I want it to become compulsory that people should have travel insurance before they go away.

"It should be something that is the responsibility of holiday companies or airlines when they sell tickets. I never really intended on coming back to England so didn't think I would need the insurance."