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'Very few' stick to holiday budgets

13 August 2009 08:37

'Very few' stick to holiday budgets

The vast majority of people fail to stick to their holiday budgets, it has been claimed.

Sean Tipton, from ABTA - The Travel Association, said that people tend to underestimate how much cash they will get through on a holiday.

When planning travel budgets, Brits may find it wise to put money aside for a holiday insurance policy to try and protect them against financial hardship in the future should they have to cover the cost of a problem on a break.

Mr Tipton noted that when taking a holiday, Brits could find it useful to make sure they have access to more money on top of the foreign currency or travellers cheques they take with them.

Recent figures from Visa Europe showed that over a third of Brits on breaks this year will spend more than the budget they have set aside.

In total, two-thirds of tourists are set to overspend by as much as £200 a week.