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Wedding and honeymoon 'go together abroad'

28 July 2009 07:54

Wedding and honeymoon 'go together abroad'

People who marry overseas are often joining their wedding ceremonies with their honeymoons.

This is according to Ron Cropper, marketing director for Weddings & Honeymoons Abroad.

Asked whether honeymoons are a priority for people marrying abroad, he replied that they are not.

If they have a wedding overseas, they usually tie up the wedding and the honeymoon together," he said, explaining that most foreign weddings require residency of a few days and the duration of the honeymoon is not affected.

In news that may be of note to people purchasing travel insurance, weddings held abroad can cost just £100.

Mr Cropper said that the recession is making more people look to overseas nuptials.

Recent research by found that 77 per cent of couples plan to have honeymoons that are shorter than a fortnight, with 30 per cent having a break of one week or less.

For most of them (74 per cent), financial restrictions are the reason, though 56 per cent were concerned about work commitments.