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Whatever honeymoon you fancy, just go for it!

03 June 2010 11:20

Whatever honeymoon you fancy, just go for it!

There are plenty of excellent options for honeymoons out there, no matter what your tastes, an expert has insisted.

Recent research from stated that the demand for a traditional two-week holiday following a wedding is going downhill because couples want something out of the ordinary these days.

It cited luxury desert camping trips, safaris and maximoons - extended trips where newlyweds go off to see several destinations - as being big trends in the future.

However, Darren Noel from said that people shouldn't feel pressured into going on a certain type of honeymoon just because it's trendy.

"Some couples love luxury beach holidays where as others like a little bit of adventure, he pointed out.

City breaks may also be great for those who don't like to sit around on a beach all day, or for people who want a mini-break - a minimoon, if you will - because they haven't got time available off work straight after the wedding.

"Honeymoons will always be important for newlyweds because it gives the couple a chance to spend some much needed time alone after all of that wedding planning," Darren said.

When we asked about the up-and-coming honeymoon destinations this year, the expert said he has tipped Hawaii, Fiji and Malaysia to be top of the most-popular list.

However, he pointed out that this could well include South Africa if the groom has anything to do with the bookings!

In related news, Professor Larry Goodyer from the Malaria Awareness Campaign has urged anyone going on an exotic holiday to take precautions against the disease.

"Mosquitoes don't really distinguish between what you are doing. They'll bite anyone who presents themselves," he warned.

Professor Goodyer advised holidaymakers to talk about vaccinations with their GP and to get travel insurance cover just in case, as nobody is 100 per cent safe from the disease even with injections, tablets and other precautions.

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