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World First Travel Insurance has restored my faith that there are some decent companies out there

28 June 2010 16:17

Mr Sloan from Fulham has been insuring with World First Travel Insurance for the past 11 years.  He first contacted World First after he was refused insurance from his existing provider due to a medical condition.

Mr Sloan takes out an annual policy every year and has travelled all over the world.  Most recently Mr Sloan spent four weeks away in 2009 for a part business trip, part holiday.

“There are two types of companies I have little respect and the utmost suspicion of, they are Banks and Insurance Companies, in many ways I view them both more crooked than a bank robber.” Said Mr Sloan. 

“However, yet again World First Travel Insurance has restored my faith that there are some decent companies out there who don't hide behind red tape and small print.  Having a long standing medical condition, this time 10 years ago I couldn't get travel insurance anywhere and World First was the first company I became aware of who would insure me.  Since then I have used World First for every policy I have taken out and recommended the company to many family, friends and colleagues.

“I was surprised and heartened to receive the recent email update from World First Travel Insurance saying that I would have been fully covered during the Volcanic Ash Event had I been traveling. It is refreshing to find an insurance company confident enough to tell customers how it is, being honest and upfront at all times, that’s what I really like about World First.

“The one claim I did have was dealt with efficiently without any of the usual aggravation I have experienced with other insurers of different products over the years.  I recently had to cancel a trip and was going to put a claim in, but by the time I had flight and hotel refunds it would only have amounted to between £50-75 in total so I didn't bother.  Had it been another insurer I would have, but I have been so happy with the service I have had from World First I decided not to.

“Keep up the good work and I will continue to recommend you in the future as not only is the service excellent the price is extremely competitive as well.  As an example, on a trip to New York some years ago my sister was annoyed that her travel insurance was almost £30 more than mine and she has no medical condition to cover!”