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If something goes wrong on holiday, the place you are visiting can quickly turn from your dream destination into an unfamiliar, lonely and pretty scary place. But however much it may feel like it, you'll never be alone.

All World First policyholders have access to a multilingual emergency helpline that's available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our assistance team work with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and take their advice when we assist with any overseas emergency.

How can the FCO help?

Britain has an embassy or consulate in almost every country. You can go there to get help with all manner of difficulties.

The FCO can:

  • Issue replacement passports if yours is lost or stolen;
  • Provide information about transferring funds;
  • Give appropriate help if you have been the victim of rape, assault or other crime, or if you are in hospital;
  • Help people with mental illness;
  • Give details of reliable local lawyers, doctors, interpreters and funeral directors;
  • Contact you within 24 hours of being told that you have been detained;
  • Offer support if you are affected by child abductions, death of relatives overseas, missing people or kidnap;
  • Make special arrangements for your safety in cases of terrorism, civil disturbance or natural disasters.

The FCO cannot...

  • Get you out of prison, prevent the local authorities from deporting you after our prison sentence, or interfere in criminal or civil court proceedings;
  • Help you enter a country, for example, if you do not have a visa or your passport is not valid;
  • Give you legal advice, investigate crimes or carry out searches for missing people. However, we can give you details of people who may be able to help you in these cases, such as English-speaking lawyers;
  • Get you better treatment in hospital or prison than is given to local people;
  • Pay any bills on your behalf or give you money. (In exceptional circumstances we may lend you money from public funds, which you will have to pay back);
  • Make travel arrangements for you, or find you work or accommodation;
  • Make business arrangements on your behalf.

Who can the FCO help?

The FCO can provide support to people outside the UK who are:

  • British nationals
  • Dual British nationals (in certain circumstances)
  • European Commonwealth nationals whose country does not have a local mission, where the FCO have agreed to help their nationals

For more information visit, or follow @fcotravel on Twitter for breaking travel advice.

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