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Buy Now, Ski Later - World First asks consumers to avoid false economies when buying travel insurance

28 May 2010 08:00

With half term travel bookings looking strong , and research showing that consumers are refusing to compromise on their holidays in 2010 , insurance specialist World First is asking customers to take out annual travel insurance policies before their half term break, which will result in savings in the future.  This is in response to their own internal sales research and analysis which indicates 25% of customers are buying travel insurance just to cover single trips, wasting significant amounts of money each year.

Annual policies protect families on every holiday they take – at home and abroad, long or short haul, whether on a summer break or a half term holiday.  Martin Rothwell, Managing Partner of World First Travel Insurance, says; “We have adopted the tag line ‘Buy now and Ski later’ for our customers looking to travel this half term and who are thinking of taking another holiday in the next year, ski or otherwise, highlighting the fact that buying an annual  policy is far more cost efficient than buying single trip policies.”

World First has compared the costs of an annual family policy, including winter sports, with travel insurance quotes for two policies – one for this half term break and one for a ski holiday this winter season.

  • Annual cover for a family of four travelling to Europe, including up to 17 days winter sports, with World First, starts at £62
  • A single trip policy for a family of four taking a break this half term starts at £24
  • A single trip ski insurance policy for a family of four travelling to Europe costs from £49

“The savings are plain to see,” continues Rothwell.  “By investing more at the outset with an annual policy, a family of four is saving almost 20% on the cost of their travel insurance after only two breaks are taken.  However, the savings increase the more holidays you take, especially when buying worldwide travel insurance.  And, for World First, a holiday could mean a short break away in the UK or a longer trip abroad.  With budgeting at the forefront of everyone’s mind, saving now by purchasing a one-off policy is a false economy.”

World First’s travel insurance covers a family for all its holidays during a year, and with World First each member of the party can travel independently of the other and still be fully covered.