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Holiday insurance is not just for foreign travel

27 January 2012 11:37

Some UK holidays can cost in excess of £1000, and failure to insure against cancellation could prove to be costly

Some UK holidays can cost in excess of £1000, and failure to insure against cancellation could prove to be costly

People planning a UK holiday are reminded they can insure and protect their holiday in much the same way as any overseas trip with specialist travel insurance.

Some UK holidays can cost in excess of £1000, and failure to insure against cancellation could prove to be costly. If a holiday is cancelled or cut short, it is likely that the holiday deposit will be lost and, in some cases, the overall cost of the holiday will also be lost.

There are a range of UK travel insurance policies available that provide varying degrees of cover for hotel and self catering guests. Some policies provide cover for unexpected cancellation whereas others can provide more comprehensive cover for people with pre-existing medical conditions.

The cost of UK holiday insurance is generally based on the overall cost of a holiday. A holiday costing up to £400 would cost in the region of £24* to insure against unexpected cancellation and approximately £40** if the traveller has pre-existing medical conditions.

Independent insurance specialists, Rothwell & Towler offer two options for UK holiday cancellation cover, Guest First Insurance and Hotelsure Insurance. Managing Partner, Martin Rothwell, is advising people to consider taking out UK holiday insurance to ensure they don't lose money if they have to cancel their holiday.

Martin said, "Many people take out travel insurance to cover their holidays abroad, but far fewer take out insurance for a UK holiday. Often holidays in the UK can be almost as expensive as foreign holidays so it is just as important to insure against cancellation."

Rothwell & Towler's Guest First Insurance is a UK holiday insurance policy for individuals and families without pre existing medical conditions who wish to insure their travel within the UK. Guest First covers policyholders should they have to cancel or cut short their holidays due to death, injury, illness or redundancy, summons for jury service or as a court witness.

Customers taking out a Guest First insurance policy can claim compensation for public transport delays of twelve hours or more, whether those delays are caused by industrial action, weather conditions or mechanical breakdown. They can also receive compensation if beaches are closed due to pollution, accommodation becomes uninhabitable whilst staying there or their car breaks down. Policyholders also have access to a 24/7 emergency assistance service.

Many people with pre-existing medical conditions can struggle to find travel insurance for a foreign holiday so may chose to stay in the UK. The problem is that if they have to cancel their UK holiday due to a medical reason, chances are they will lose all, or at least some, of the cost of the holiday.

Hotelsure policies offer cover for people travelling in the UK for all accommodation and pre-booked travel costs should the unexpected happen. Hotelsure insurance covers people with pre-existing medical conditions and the policies have no age limits or health restrictions.

Customers taking out at Hotelsure policy will be covered for holiday cancellation, additional transport costs, loss of personal luggage, money and documents, as well as up to £3,000 cover for accidents whilst on holiday.

Martin Rothwell added, "As travel insurance specialists we understand the need for good value travel insurance that covers people for all their travel needs, be that abroad or here in the UK. With many people choosing to holiday at home it is more important than ever to make sure your holiday is covered. Just because you're not going abroad, it doesn't mean you shouldn't get travel insurance."

Full details of Rothwell & Towler's UK travel insurance policies can be found at the Guest First Insurance website.

*£24 Cost based on a Guest First travel insurance policy
** £40 cost based on a Hotelsure policy