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Why summer holiday protection means more than applying factor 50

28 May 2010 07:37

With much of European airspace recently silenced for the better part of a week due to the volcanic ash belching out of Eyjafjallajokull and thousands of people left stranded abroad, never has the question of holiday protection been timelier.

On the back of the holiday company and airline failures last summer, and the current BA strikes, people are realising that holiday protection means more than throwing Factor 50 into their suitcase. Holidays are precious things in today’s uncertain economic climate and many of us are seeking travel insurance which will cover the widest range of situations.

World First, which is based in Devon but operates nationally via and its helpline 0345 90 80 161, has been providing travel insurance for over 30 years. As specialists, we work with our underwriters to ensure we can offer comprehensive cover at the best prices.
We are experts in providing policies for “tricky to cover” customers.  We are one of the few insurers to cover travellers up to the age of 100, and we offer extensive and affordable cover for holidaymakers with pre-existing medical conditions.  We are proud to say that anyone insured with World First will be covered for cancellation and delays they have experienced due the current flight suspension, particularly as many major insurers are not offering compensation.

When buying any travel insurance there a number of questions customers should ask to make sure they get the right cover.  Our top 10 check list of questions includes:

  1. Ensure the policy covers all pre-existing medical conditions for every member of your party. It’s essential to declare anything for which you take medication or if you have consulted your Doctor in the last 12 months.
  2. Ensure everyone is insured with the same company. That way you will all be in the same boat if something goes wrong when away. This is particularly important when anybody in the party has a medical problem – because you all need to be covered for any claims arising due to that condition.
  3. Ensure the policy limits are sufficint to cover the cost of your holiday. A cheap travel insurance policy is no good if it only covers £500 for cancellation when your holiday is costing you £2,000 per person.
  4. Check how much the excess will be in the event of a claim? The industry standard is £60, but with some insurers it could exceed £200 per person.
  5. Will the travel insurance cover all the activities you intend to try whilst you are away?
  6. Can you upgrade your policy later in the year? If you buy annual travel insurance can you extend it to include winter sports if you decide to go skiing or snowboarding?
  7. If you are taking valuable items with you on holiday consider an “all risks” household policy to sit alongside your travel cover. It will have higher limits and you can specify individual items of worth.
  8. Make sure you are buying cover for the right destination. Some insurers consider countries like Egypt to be in Europe whilst others do not.
  9. If you are buying annual travel insurance, which is often cheaper, can all members of the family travel independently of each other?
  10. Is the insurance arranged by a firm who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority and will the Ombudsman be available in the event of a complaint about your policy?

For more information, World First can be found at or by dialling 0345 90 80 161.