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11 hotel perks you have to see to believe

16 October 2014 10:13

The top hotel perks have been revealed

The top hotel perks have been revealed

The battle of the hotel perk is heating up as 5-star venues go above and beyond to attract the rich and famous.

When money is no object, it's the little - or big, in most cases - extras that make all the difference.

Here we give a rundown of some of the most wacky and extravagant perks out there - as outlined in an infographic by Hotels4u.

1. Forget a taxi, paraglide in instead

Six Senses Zighy Bay in Oman lets customers paraglide right to the front door (strapped to a pro, of course). We suggest you purchase adequate travel insurance before taking the plunge!

2. Don't want to be disturbed? Try the in-room body sensor

Housekeeping staff always tend to bug us on holiday. At Hotel 1000 in Seattle, however, a temperature sensor lets the staff know you're in the room and not to disturb you.

3. Build bridges with a pet psychic

That's right, you heard us correctly, a pet psychic. Hotel Monaco in Portland offers guests the chance to find out what matters to their pet and how to build a better relationship with them.

4. Top up your tan in style

At Club & Hotel Spa in Jersey your very own sunshine butler will choose your factor, apply the cream for you and even polish your sunglasses.

5. Rock out in your room

Fancy a late-night jam? The Hard Rock in Chicago provides you with free Fender guitars, floor amp and headphones.

6. Hangover expelliarmus

We all hate hangovers - and the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans feels our pain. It has a dedicated hangover concierge to fetch you whatever you need.

7. Don't miss the Manta Rays

Four Seasons in the Maldives has a Manta Ray hot phone that calls you whenever the underwater creatures are spotted nearby.

8. Volunteer to be kidnapped

Can't be bothered to organise your own picnic? Let Namale Resort & Spa in Fiji randomly kidnap you and whisk you away to a secret waterfall for a spot of lunch.

9. Jump in a super car

Forget the usual car hire abroad - Four Seasons in Beverley Hills kindly provides you with your very own super car during your stay. And no, you can't keep it.

10. Sleep like an astronaut

The Benjamin in New York has NASA memory foam pillows so you can enjoy a sleep that is out of this world.

11. Wake up to a celebrity

We all dream of waking up next to a celebrity. While that's never going to happen, Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville has the next best thing - wake up messages recorded by famous local country singers.