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5 alternative island destinations in Greece

20 August 2019 08:29

Experience Greece off the beaten track

Experience Greece off the beaten track

Whether you're looking for golden sands, incredible landscapes or a little bit of history, a Greek holiday promises something for everyone. But if you're looking to catch a sunrise away from the crowds, one of these less discovered islands might be for you...

1. Milos

Enjoy a traditional Greek landscape on Milos, complete with quaint white and blue churches, rugged caves cut into cliffs and natural springs. There's plenty of scenic walks to take in the landscape, though the locals will tell you the best way to experience the island is by water. Take a trip out from one of the many charming fishing villages to get a glimpse of those iconic pastel cliffs from afar.

2. Andros

Set apart from the surrounding islands by its luscious green landscape, Andros is the ideal location for hikers looking to uncover hidden creeks and capture breath-taking views over the Aegean waters. While you're there, don't forget to visit the quirky Tourlitis Lighthouse, which rises up from the waves like something out of a fairytale!

3. Skopelos

Do you want to be having the time of your life? Well, break out into song and dance and head for an ABBA themed escape on the island of Skopelos! Famous for being the setting for the smash hit movie Mamma Mia!, the sleepy, serene atmosphere of the island's many secluded villages and expansive olive groves make it the perfect holiday destination for so much more than its Hollywood appeal.

4. Thassos

The island of emerald waters, Thassos is a must visit for the more daring explorer. Home to a series of beautiful golden beaches, Thassos also boasts some of Greece's most thrilling natural sites. Earn yourself the most Instagram-ready swim of your holiday by making the rocky, 3km trek to Giola, a natural lagoon carved out in the rocks. Or for a slightly cooler experience, delve into one of the secret island caves – it might be wise to take a local with you!

5. Donousa

Dreaming of a night under the stars? Donousa is the perfect location for free-campers looking to escape the more touristy beaches. Find a spot on Kedros or Livadi beaches and spread out on golden sands for an evening of nothing but the gentle swell of the sea. Close to two other undiscovered islands, Schoinousa and Iraklia, Donousa also makes the ideal starting point for a bit of island-hopping!

Ready to find your new island paradise?

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