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5 delicious Portuguese foods you have to try

06 August 2019 08:23

Pastels de Nata are popular in Portugal

Pastels de Nata are popular in Portugal

With dramatic coastlines, lively cities and a clutch of golden beaches, Portugal has something for everyone. But what better way to explore Portuguese culture than through your taste buds?

1. Bacalhau à brás

The Portuguese love their cod, which is why they have hundreds and hundreds of recipes celebrating the beloved fish. Bacalhau à brás is just one of these delicious codfish recipes, which sees shredded cod fried up with onions and potatoes and then mixed with olives and a bit of parsley. The ultimate comfort food, this dish is probably as Portuguese as it gets!

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2. Sardinhas

Another popular fish in Portugal is sardines, which are caught in the waters off the country's rugged Atlantic coast. Sardines are a simple fish, and they're best served grilled with a little lemon juice or olive oil atop some fresh, crusty bread. The best sardines can be found in the fishing villages scattered along the coastline - the perfect excuse to go exploring.

3. Bolinhos de bacalhau

Another cod dish you simply must try whether you're in Porto or Portimão is bolinhos de bacalhau, which are deliciously crunchy croquets of cod-goodness. The bolinhos are cod and potatoes mixed together and then deep-fried until golden brown - ideal to enjoy as a starter or maybe even a bar snack while you're working through a glass or two of Sagres.

4. Frango Piri-Piri

There's a whole lot more to Piri-Piri chicken than a cheeky trip down your local high street, and to truly explore the Portuguese favourite you have to try Frango Piri-Piri. With its roots in Portugal's former African colonies, Piri-Piri chicken is a staple of many immigrant communities and best served hot and quick with a side order of rice and some smoking hot Piri-Piri sauce.

5. Pastel de nata

Sweet treats don't come much more Portuguese than pastel de nata. These cute little custard tarts have been blazing a trail for Portuguese food around the world, but to taste the best ones you have to go back to where it all started, the bakeries of Portugal. And the best part? The tarts vary from place to place so you'll always be able to try something new!

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