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6 delicious Greek foods you must try

16 August 2019 08:46

Try some delicious spanakopita!

Try some delicious spanakopita!

It might have plenty of ancient ruins and picture-perfect islands to explore. But one of the best things about Greece is its cuisine. Here are some of the most delicious dishes to give you a flavour...

1. Moussaka

Perhaps the most famous of all Greek foods, moussaka is a traditional dish cooked for plenty of friends and family round the dinner table. Many believe this aubergine dish includes lamb, but in actual fact many locals will opt for ground beef instead!

2. Gyros

The ultimate Greek street food, gyros is a popular snack similar to the Turkish doner kebab. Rotisserie meat is sliced and served up in a rolled pitta bread along with onions, tomatoes and a tzatziki sauce of yogurt and cucumber. Most will also have a few French fries stuffed inside for an added extra.

3. Spanakopita

An all-time Greek favourite when it comes to parties and family gatherings, spanakopita is a filo-pastry pie crammed full of spinach, feta cheese and onions. It tastes great with a crisp fresh salad and a pint of Mythos, a local beer popular in the tavernas of Greece.

4. Tomatokeftedes

A delicacy hailing from the islands of Santorini and Syros, tomatokeftedes are crispy tomato fritters that are often a popular vegetarian option. Filled with crushed tomato, onions and fresh mint, they pack quite a flavoursome punch and are best served dipped in a side of tzatziki.

5. Bougatsa

Greece doesn't just do savoury food – it has plenty of delicious desserts to choose from too. One of these is bougatsa, a creamy custard pastry that's sprinkled with icing sugar. It's often eaten at breakfast, but makes a great sweet treat whatever the time of day!

6. Halvas

If you're looking for an amazing vegan dessert, you might want to check out halvas, a simple yet scrumptious option that's also dairy free! Oil, semolina, sugar and water are transformed into a refreshing pudding – perfect after a long day wandering around ancient temples!

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