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Britons 'seek adventurous holidays'

03 February 2014 09:24

Brits are seeking more adventurous holidays this year

Brits are seeking more adventurous holidays this year

Adventurous Britons fancy a change when it comes to their holiday this summer, according to a new poll.

More than two in three (65%) are eager to try something new on their travels in 2014, a study from Celebrity Cruises found.

This thirst for adventure is the most common trend among British travellers, while 35% think in 2014 they'll be able to tick-off a destination from their bucket list of favourite hotspots to visit in their lifetime.

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The survey showed that more than ever, Brits are wanting getaways that will exercise the mind, rather than the body.

The leading holiday ambition is to view a famous site (30%), followed by being able to view wildlife (25%) and enjoy a new culture (1%).

Celebrity Cruises commissioned the poll prior to the start of its Ben Fogle's Great Adventures programme.

This is the writer, broadcaster and explorer's raft of unique, exclusive shore excursions created for travellers intent on adding an alternative feature to their holiday.

Fogle was made Celebrity Cruises Destination Expert last year to pool his know-how of off-the-beaten-track travel with the cruise line's guests and even shape their holiday experiences.

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Celebrity's new shore excursion schedule features speedboat rides and snorkelling with salmon in Norway, a gastronomic tour through Sicily, triathlon trials in Croatia and kayaking through the Stockholm archipelago.

Holidaymakers over 55 are the most innovative holidaymakers, the survey revealed - with 23% eager to experience something different, compared to only 16% of under 24s.

Britons' bucket lists this year show 32% will choose stays in Europe, 12% in Australia and New Zealand and 10% in the Caribbean and North America.

Only 3% want to follow the hype of football's World Cup and travel to South America.

Fogle said: "Many (Brits) are keen to realise their ambitions to take the road less travelled and immerse themselves in new cultures and experiences."